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Miniature pet pigs

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How Big is a Mini Pig??

Normal pig
Normal Pig
Mini pig
Mini Pig

Mini-pigs are bred down from fully-grown pigs that weigh about 500kg. So a lot of work has gone into breeding the Mini-pig as he/she will only weigh about 40-70kg. The piglet should not outgrow its Parents.

Our Boar is named ROLLIE he weighs about 40kg.

Our Sows are named Oink and Porky they weigh about 55kg...

Our latest sow Charlotte should weigh about 30-40kg(maybe smaller) At the moment she is 3 months old and she weighs 4kg.

Thinking About Getting a Mini-Pig?
The ultimate pet is a Mini-Pig.

mini pigMini-Pigs live from 10 to 15 years,
Mini-Pigs are clean, social and very intelligent and they even outsmart a dog. Mini-Pigs will come to their name, learn tricks and they are very loving. They like a clean, dry place to sleep and they will pick one corner of their night pen to go to the toilet, so really they are very clean animals. If you are going to keep your Mini-Pig inside, make sure that your house is piggy friendly.

Pigs don’t sweat like we do, so to cool off a small child’s pool is perfect. They will roll in a mud puddle, but they prefer water to mud and they are excellent swimmer’s, our Mini-Pigs love to go for a swim.

Mini-Pigs love to play especially with a toy that has food inside it or a scrunched up bit of paper.

Or if you have a large compost heap like us. When we are going to put all our old hay on the compost we put the scraps on first mixed with some popcorn. They love it. And it keeps your pig entertained for ages and gets your compost heap turned over as well.

To make a Food-Toy Drill some holes in a ball, just big enough to let some popcorn or pellets out when your pig nudges it with its snout.

Then drill another hole big enough to fit a cork into and put the food in. You will then have ONE HAPPY PIG.

You will need a shelter eg- small garden shed, large dog kennel or a home made shelter with a wooden floor.

Pigs have a high body temperature (39 degrees) so they feel the cold, so they need bedding of straw or something similar. (Of a day they are let out to graze)

It is a good idea to have a pen attached to there housing so they can be put to bed if you need to do something and you don’t want his/her help.



WARNING !!! Over feeding your pig will make it over-grow in size.

Your pig requires 3% of its body weight in food everyday. And if it has been grazing all day it will only need a small amount of scraps. Feed your pig at a regular time and in the same place so it has a disciplined feeding routine.

If a pig is allowed to eat all day, “IT WILL”.

A diet high in vitamins and minerals is good, not high in proteins, so make sure your pig doesn’t eat the dog food. I feed my pigs my food scraps NO MEAT eg- fruit and veggies.

If I don’t have scraps I feed them 1&Mac218;2 -1 cup of soaked grain when small and 1 -2 cups full grown, you can also add some chaff...

Your pig should look healthy not obese.

REMEMBER – you own a pet mini-pig so don’t fatten it up for your Xmas dinner.

WARNING !!! If your pig doesn’t have sufficient drinking water it will get salt-poisoning, it is incurable. Symptoms include: walking in small circles, incoherent, won’t eat or drink.

Your pig needs clean drinking water. I prefer pig-nibs; they let out water when the pig presses on it. (You can buy these at your Produce - Store). Or you can use a container tied to the fence, but this needs to be cleaned everyday.


Pigs will nudge the ground for roots in the soil. You can get your vet to put a nose ring in his nose and this should stop him from digging with his snout.

Make sure that your pig has access to shade as they can get sunburnt or heat stroke. You can also use sunscreen.

If your pig is allowed inside, make sure that he doesn’t bite into electrical cords and all chemicals are put out of reach.

You can have your pig vaccinated once a year for Leptospirosis and Erysipelas. The vaccine is called “Lepto-Eryvac” From your Vet.

Worming your pig. “Piperazine Solution” (For Poultry and Pigs) is one type of worming treatment you can get from your local Produce Store. The easiest way to give a pig the wormer is to put it onto a slice of bread and then give it before normal feeding. Or you can ask your vet for a suitable wormer.

Your pig can get pig-mites they only survive on pigs. If your pig gets mites you can buy a mite – wash or use Ivamec.

I also give my pigs 1&Mac218;2 teaspoon of yellow sulphur sprinkled over there food.

Toilet Training
Make sure he has a litter tray with some shredded paper in it or just a piece of paper on the floor. Put it wherever the pig goes to the toilet and then gradually move it towhere you want it. If he poo’s on the floor put it in his tray, then he will know that he is to go to the toilet in his tray.

Pigs are very clean and they like to toilet in one area. When they are in there outside pen they will only poo in one place, usually far away from where they eat and sleep, so it’s easy to keep there pens clean. and it makes a great fertiliser in your compost heap.

Time spent training your pig is a great bonding time and they are happy to get the attention. Your piglet will respond to kindness, patience, repetition and reward. If your piglet is being naughty, give it a light tap across the nose and say NO. This is the best way of getting its attention, discipline gently from the beginning. A pig’s nose is very strong but it is also very sensitive. Remember that what your piglet does when its small might be cute but remember it might be a nightmare when it’s older so discipline wisely.

Squealing Piglets
If your piglet squeals when you pick it up. DON’T PUT IT DOWN! as it will then know that if it squeals you will put it down. ( it is just scared )

Reassure the piglet that you are not a threat and that it is safe. Make sure that you hold your piglet with your arm around it’s backside and its chest. You just have to hold it securely not tight. Only put it down when you want to or sit down with it on your lap.



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Content by courtesy of:
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